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5 Strategies For Cutting Trade Show Costs and Improving Results


Every business faces the same issue – how to keep costs low while keeping up with increasing demands on all fronts.  And if you are an event planner, this seems like the headache that never seems to go away. 

In the face of increasing demands by multiple stakeholders on limited trade show resources, the mandate from top management remains the same – find ways to reduce costs so we can get more bang with the same or fewer bucks.

On top of that, the trade show business is in a constant state of flux, with a steady stream of new materials, new technologies, and new design approaches.  So an event planner looking for ideas to cut costs can’t rely on old assumptions.

This is the reality for most of our clients.  And, it’s our reality too. 

Which is why we’ve put together a new whitepaper that offers event planners 5 strategies they can implement right now to take cost and complexity out of their trade show budget.   

This isn’t some theoretical fluff piece.  It’s based on hands-on, practical experience that we’ve had working with major Fortune 1000 companies across a wide range of industries.

You’ll get practical tips for enhancing the performance of your exhibit while improving ROI – from the design of your exhibit, to energy efficient materials, the latest digital technologies, to managing shipping costs, and more.

Some examples:
• You’ll learn about a new approach to exhibit design that will give your program even greater flexibility over multiple trade show events than your current so-called ‘modular’ design. 
• You’ll learn how to lighten the weight of your exhibit and reduce shipping costs. 
• You’ll learn how many exhibitors are using digital displays to lower printing costs and improve performance.

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5 things you can do now to take cost and complexity out of your trade show exhibit budget.

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